Monday 2/13 at 7pm

Join us for an evening of anonymous Sex & Relationship Q&A! The skilled therapists of Irvington Counseling Collective will be answering your 🔥burning🔥 questions--open to all and nothing off topic! We'll have champagne and n/a drinks provided by Parch Agave Cocktails. Then at the end, enjoy 10% off all vibrators and intimacy products!

Free to attend with donation to Irvington Counseling Collective

RSVP only! (click here to RSVP + SUBMIT QUESTION)

Sample questions you could ask:

When do I tell my boyfriend I'm married?
How do I come out to my hetero spouse?
Is my vulva normal?
How do I spice up my sex life?
Is that smell normal?
How to feel ok with period sex?
I want an open relationship. How do I get my partner on board?
I love my partner, but my libido is low. How do we get through? How many times a week/month/year is sex normal?
What constitutes a healthy sex life?
How do I tell my partner I'm not in the mood without hurting their feelings?
How do you navigate changing libidos within a relationship? (male going down, female going up) 
Why am I supposed to pee after sex? Do I need to pee every time? Even after m*sturbating?