Rooftop Fruit is a contemporary general store & market featuring an exciting array of independent brands, including our own in-house made items. “A public paradise" that sells consciously curated gifts, natural skincare products, zero waste goods, greeting cards, pantry items, jewelry and general goods.

We partner with over 200 independent artisans, local and far,to provide a unique collection of original-designed, heirloom quality, ethically sourced goods that connect us all back to the earth, and to each other. 

It is our promise and guarantee that every item we sell and every brand we work with fits in at least one (if not more) of these categories: minority (black, bipoc, aapi, latino, lgbtqia+, and/or woman) owned, eco-friendly, organic/all natural, low waste, premium ingredients and efficacy, independent brand, original and innovative design, ethically/responsibly produced.

Roommate to Mona and The Refill Bar Co.

formerly known as Onatah General



We take so much from this earth, so we want to do our part in giving back to it. We are committed to partnering with brands and artisans that align with our beliefs (and many of them donate a portion of their profits to like-minded organizations):

We believe that black lives matter. That all love is valid. That trans people have rights. That science is real. That no human is illegal. Equality for all. That all land is stolen. Anti-MAGA. Anti-mass incarceration. Anti-cash bail. Pro-police reform. Pro-hoe. Pro-choice. We are eco-conscious. There are probably aliens. And most of all, we are pro-human.